We produce television and radio documentaries, television adverts, corporate films, promotional dvds and a wide range of audio and visual content for websites.

Specialising in

HG’s portfolio includes programmes for BBC Scotland, BBC Alba, RTE, TG4 and BBC Radio 1.  Helena travelled to LA in 2009 to make a documentary with Scottish Rockers Biffy Clyro for BBC Radio 1. Other notable productions include: Do Or Dye (4 x 25 mins, BBC Scotland). Manran (1 x 55 mins, BBC Alba), Skippinish (1 x 55 mins, BBC Alba) Beware The Vatersay Boys (1 x 55 mins, BBC Alba), The Vatersay Boys At The Barras (1 x 55 mins, BBC Alba) An Dubhlan – Sanjeev Kohli Does Gaelic,(1 x 55 mins, BBC Alba) Iniscaoragh (1 x 25 mins, TG4), The County Line With Vincent Woods (4 x 55 mins, RTE Radio 1) and Bus Glasgu (4 x 25 mins, TG4).

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HG works with companies large & small to deliver high quality audio and visual content. We will help you achieve your goals through experienced creative consultation. We cover all aspects of pre and post production and pride ourselves on collaborating with each client to ensure they are uniquely defined and promoted. Each piece of our work is meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Please get in touch if you would like HG to produce content for your business / brand.

In beautiful locations around the world, we continue to provide a one stop solution for all your production and corporate needs. Each piece of our work is meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Please get in touch if you would like HG to produce content for your business / brand.

Our Culture

We have a responsibility to the wider community and being good corporate citizens is a part of our culture.  We are a supportive employer, a good neighbour to the communities in which we operate and we conduct ourselves in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way.

Safety First

We conduct our business in a way that presents no risk of injury or ill-health to any of our employees, partners, customers, visitors or contributors; and gives rise to no damage to its plant, equipment, materials or any other property as a result of accidents, fires or dangerous occurrences.

Legal Eagles

The company will comply with all of its legal duties in respect of providing safe and healthy working conditions for all employees, partners, customers, visitors and contributors and will take positive action to ensure that nobody is negatively affected by our work.


We recognize the importance of environmental matters and that environmental protection and prevention of pollution are part of our ethos and practices.

Social Awareness

We take into consideration social issues, which include local, international and ethical values in relation to the purchase of goods and services.


Our highly skilled team ensure that on time delivery is guaranteed.

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